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Certified Seed House. Specializing in seeds for growing trees since 1993.

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Specializing In Tree Seeds Since 1993.
Seeds For Growing Flowering Trees, Japanese Trees,
Shade & Native Trees, Bonsai Trees & Shrub Roses.
- Angelgrove is a certified seed facility -

Winter/Spring 2006

Our Online Shopping Cart Seed Catalog.

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Seeds for growing 247 hardy trees & roses.

We offer seeds for growing Japanese trees,
shade & native trees, hardy flowering trees
ornamental garden trees and seeds for growing and
  cultivating Bonsai trees in our seed catalog.

We also offer garden seeds for growing a few hardy 
shrub roses, Rambling Roses & Wisterias. 

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Tree Seeds / Shopping Cart Seed Catalog
24 Pages. 240+ Tree & Rose Species & Our 'Seed Collections'.

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Tree Seeds / Mail Order List
Our mail order seed list/descriptions are on one page for ordering convenience.
Our main seed list catalog features seeds for more than 240 varieties including: 

English Hawthorns, Japanese Pines, Japanese Maples, Lilac trees,
American Sycamore, Magnolias, Chinese & Japanese Wisterias,
Witch Hazels & Flowering Dogwoods, etc.
Includes our list of free seeds.

Angelgrove's Favourite Trees
A few 'Collections' for growing some of our favourites. 
 Japanese Maples, Goldenchain Tree, Flowering Crabs,
Red Maples and Shrub Roses

 Seed Collections 
Seeds for growing Japanese trees, Maples, Lilacs,
Bonsai trees, Shade trees & Shrub Roses.


How To Order Our Seeds 
Online seed orders, fax, telephone & mail orders.
Selected Tree Seeds & Service
Since 1993.

Seed Prices:
Package Sizes & Special Offers.

Two seed package sizes may be ordered

About Angelgrove
Established suppliers of seeds for growing hardy tree species.
Seeds for ornamental, deciduous & coniferous trees for most
North American & Cottage Style Gardens.

Hardy Shrub & Wild Rose Seeds 
If you enjoy roses and rose gardening, you will appreciate
wild and hardy shrub roses (species roses).

Gardening Resources & Links Page
Let us know if you have a personal or favourite gardening website; 
about conservation projects, native trees and plants, shrub roses, 
Japanese gardens, organic gardening,
landscape gardening,
Bonsai trees, etc.
(we are presently rebuilding this resource as many websites
have changed their addresses over the past few years
and have been temporarily dropped.)
If you would like to submit a link for review let us know.

A North American Climate Zone Map 
 Here are two North Ameican climate zone maps.


The Angelgrove Tree Seed Company has contributed to the generation
 of an estimated
1/3 of a million trees throughout North America.
We have supplied
gardeners and hobbyists with select shrub rose
 seeds and seeds
for growing trees with above average
ornamental value
for city, country and
Japanese gardens
since 1993.

We offer seed bank and customized support for 'green projects'
and custom/promotional projects involving 
seeds for hardy woody plant species.

 If you have questions about seeds, seed propagation, how to order
 or anything
at all for that matter, please feel free to email us
and we will do our best to help you out.
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Email attended to continuously throughout the business day.

Fax: 709-596 2296 / Tel: 709-596 4053
Business Hours - Monday to Friday 10 - 4.30 pm EST.
You can also try us on Saturdays.


The Angelgrove Tree Seed Company

We look forward to receiving & filling your seed order with care.
Sincerely, Christine Howard,
- Seed House Manager -


We ship world wide and have caused GREEN SPOTS everybody needs a home
to break out in over 40 different countries to date.
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