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Established in 1993 Angelgrove is located in the countryside on 6 acres of protected refugegrow trees for wildlife&  maturing trees. We are a certified tree seed facility specializing in tree seeds for hardy and temperate species. We have served over 90,000 gardeners, hobbyists, nurserymen, green thumbs and conservationists with our seeds including University Botanical depts., the U.S. Parks Service, Agri-Canada, the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, pharmaceutical research groups and an assortment of great non-profit community organizations. Angelgrove is entirely owner operated by practising seedsmen & horticulturists. We only do one thing, tree seeds. We love what we do and like to think that it shows in our seeds. We enjoy a high ratio of repeat satisfied customers every year. Now is a good time to order your tree and rose seeds for the 2007 Spring sowing period. Customers are invited to call us Toll Free at the seed house during business hours Mondays to Saturdays to place your tree seed order or use our online shopping cart. Telephone 1 888 596 4053
We are always happy to assist school projects and conservation-wildlife refuge efforts with seed orders and as much help as we can render. Non-profit community groups are served on a non-profit basis by Angelgrove. We also provide seeds and custom support for weddings, parties and promotional & publishing projects as well.
Angelgrove has contributed to the successful generation of an estimated 1/3 million trees throughout North America since 1993. We have been actively propagating trees from seed (and other methods) for over two decades and have assisted a number of large and small seedling projects along the way. All of our seeds are selected and packaged immediately prior to shipment to our customers directly from Angelgrove. We do not sell or re-sell prepackaged tree seeds or ship them from 3rd party commercial warehouses or 'drop-site' office suite addresses as do product marketer/re-seller type websites. For customer protection reasons and quality control considerations we no longer allow any product marketer/re-seller websites to sell our seeds. No one else sells our seeds.

We normally feature a select range of approximately 300 tree and shrub rose species and botanical variants. The majority of the seeds that interest us are for fairly hardy tree species offering above average ornamental value. The length of our seed catalog expands and contracts from year to year depending on seasonal harvests.

Apart from the most extreme zones, the majority of the tree species we offer can be grown throughout most of North America's gardens. We provide detailed germination information based on our own propagation experience and success for all the seeds we offer. We are always available to provide help and advice wherever possible.
"We look forward to receiving & filling your seed order with care".
Sincerely, Gary Field, office
                 Christine Howard, mgr.

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The Angelgrove Tree Seed Company
Est. 1993



Privacy Policy:
We do not retain or in anyway share, trade, sell or 'leverage' our customer's contact information. We don't like having our own consumer information captured, banked and/or abused and hold the same sentiment in trust for our gardening customers & visitors to our website. Our Policy is strictly enforced.
[We do not use 'html contact forms' or 'user forums' commonly used by product marketer websites to harvest customer profile/contact information into saleable data bases. We do not build, keep or maintain any website visitor/customer profile data bases what so ever.]

We do not sell the following seed types.
- Seeds:
We do not sell 'exotic', tropical, vegetable or flower seeds. (If you are interested in one or the other of these types we strongly recommend that you purchase them from a genuine seed company which specializes in the type and harvests and/or propagates some or all what they offer.)

- Horticultural Products - Manufacture/Origin ? - Consumer Safety
There has been an increase in the last few years of product marketer/re-seller type websites re-selling rebranded 'horticultural products' such as no-name garden tools, gimmick 'speciality' fertilizers, additives, bug sprays and relabeled 3rd. party pre-packaged tree seeds. We recommend your own local garden center or local nursery business for the safe purchase of brand name Made In North America fertilizers & tools whose origin and manufacture are known and where your consumer/contact information will also be safeguarded. Similarly we recommend tree seed purchases from a genuine seed house as opposed to 'horticultural companies' operating from various drop-site office suite addresses and/or from product marketer/reseller websites.


The Angelgrove Tree Seed Company
Propagating trees from seeds for over two decades.
We welcome custom/promotional green project enquiries.

Angelgrove Tree Seed Company
P.O. Box 74, Riverhead,
Harbour Grace, NL
Canada  A0A 3P0

Please put the word 'seeds' in your subject line.

We ship our seeds through out the United States and Canada every business day. Overseas once weekly.



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