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1. Goldenchain Tree
Laburnum anagyroides,  Z4 - 24ft.
One of our favourite flowering trees with its long hanging 8-10 inch bright yellow flower pannicles. Fast growing and visual impact when in bloom.

2. Julian Hackberry
Celtis julianae,   Z5 - 50ft.
Rarely seen in North American gardens, this Asian hackberry matures into an excellent shade tree; rather different foliage with leaves showing glossy above and orange-yellow tones beneath; produces small orange fruits enjoyed by birds. An interesting addition. A good 'corner tree' & wildlife planting.

3. Washington Hawthorn
Crataegus phaenopyrum,   Z5 - 27ft.
Slightly larger then the European and English Hawthorn. White flowers plentifully borne in Spring followed by red to orange fruits which persist into winter.

4. Eastern Redbud
Cersis canadensis,  Z4 - 24ft.
Small handsome multi-stem tree with red buds opening into purplish-pink flowers before leaf break in spring.
Widely planted small ornamental tree and native to eastern U.S.

5. Black Ash
Fraxinus nigra,   Z4 - 60ft.
Adaptable and ideal as a shade tree, street or landscape tree.

6. Beauty Bush
Kolkwitzia amabilis,   Z4 - 15ft.
Absolutely gorgeous large flowering shrub. Arching vase like habit, flowers pink with yellow throat borne in vast profusion. Stunning when in bloom! One of our favourites.

7. Oyama Magnolia
Magnolia sieboldii,  Z6 -  15ft., (15-20 seeds per free pkg.)
A native of Japan with 4" pure white bowl shaped flowers and red stamens. An excellent and hardy little Japanese Magnolia.

8. 'Zumi' Flowering Crab
Malus zumi 'calocarpa',  Z5 - 25ft.
The 'Zumi'  is fragrant and very beautiful as a flowering garden specimen growing to 25 ft. It produces a Spring burst of "red buds" opening into a profusion of 1-inch white flowers and ornamental bright red fruits.
Native to Japan and can be cultivated as a Bonsai tree. Hardy down to parts of Zone 4 too.

9. Pekin Lilac
Syringa pekinensis,  Z4/5  -  12ft.
A small tree lilac with tiny creamy white blooms in densely crowded clusters of panicles with an unusual fragrance. Golden bark sometimes exfoliating. We like to starta few of these each year.
Nice as give away seedlings too.

10. Japanese Wisteria Cross
Wisteria X formosa,   Z6 - 20ft., (5 large seeds per free pkg.)
A great trellis or arbor vine to 30 ft. with hanging white or violet flower clusters.