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'Rugosa Roses, Rambling Roses & Old Fashioned Shrub Roses'
- Excellent for fragrance, hips, barriers and naturalizing -

We have always been interested in growing a number of the old shrub and species roses; both for their rich scent, low maintenance and especially their 'old fashioned' character. Apart from our catalog of seeds for growing trees we have always offered seeds for propagating a range of hardy shrub roses.
Most shrub rose species can and will produce a substantial flowering mounded bush quite capable of filling up a corner of your garden. All are quite hardy and most produce ornamental hips. The denser larger species can also double quite effectively as a natural barrier in your landscape. 

This page is an information page only listing the rose varieties we have always enjoyed growing. It  is a list of the shrub rose seeds we usually offer. 
Please refer to our Main Seed list where all of our rose seed varieties are listed and their updated availability is indicated.

- Rambling Roses -
Rambling Himalayan Rose 
Rosa brunonii,   Z5  -  15ft. 
Milk white flowers borne on a rambler of great beauty. Bluish foliage. Aka: The "Himalayan Musk Rose'. 

Memorial Rose 
Rosa wichuriana,  Z5  -  12/18ft. 
A Rambling Rose, white-pinkish flowers. Fragrant. Hardy. 

- Yellow Petal Roses -
Father Hugo's Rose 
Rosa hugonis,   Z4  -  8ft. 
Clear canary yellow 2'' blooms on upright arching stems during May and June. Red hips persist into winter. 

Yellow Flowered Shrub Rose 
Rosa xanthina, Z5  -  10ft. 
Similiar to 'hugonis', broad and spreading with darker yellow flowers appearing along the branches adding to the arching effect. 


~ Bush, Hedge & Spreading Roses ~

Dog Rose 
Rosa canina,   Z3  -  5-8ft. 
Pink to white, spreading, arching and very fragrant. Hips. 

Sweet Briar Rose 
Rosa eglanteria,   Z5  -  10ft. 
1 inch fragrant single pink roses in clusters. 1/2 inch orange to scarlet hips, erect arching branches.

Scotch Rose 
Rosa spinosissima,   Z4  -  3ft. 
White flowers, bristly and erect spreads easily. Dark maroon hips. 

Japanese Rose 
Rosa multiflora,   Z5  -  10ft. 
Covered with white blossoms followed by small red berries. Arching habit is excellent for dense hedge. 

Moyes Rose 
Rosa moyesii,   Z4 - 8ft. 
Dark wine red flowers 2 to 3'' across in groups-glamorous. Red orange hips. Arching, fine feathery foliage. 

Red Leaf Rose 
Rosa rubrifolia,   Z2  -  6ft. 
Leaves stay purplish red throughout the summer. Single red-pink flowers bearing elongated deep red rose hips in clusters. 

White Rugosa Rose 
Rosa rugosa 'alba',   Z2  -  4/6ft. 
Rugosas are extremely vigorous and hardy, white, pink or red flowers up to 3'' across. Fabulous scent. Hips persist into winter. Great for wildlife, winter interest or adding considerably to your garden's fragrance. 

Pink Rugosa Rose 
Rosa rugosa 'pink selection',   Z2  -  4/6ft. 
Same as rugosa 'alba' but pink flowers. Extremely fragrant. 

Red Rugosa Rose
Rosa rugosa 'rubra',   Z2  -  4/6ft. 
Same as rugosa 'alba' but produces red flowers. Extremely fragrant. 

Old World Gallica Rose 
Rosa gallica 'alba',   Z5  -  10ft. 
Seed harvested from antique white flowering Gallicas. 


~ Low Shrub Roses ~

Woods Rose 
Rosa woodsii,  Z3  -  1- 2ft. 
Rosa woodsii has delicate showy clear light pink flowers. Forms deep spreading thickets in open wooded areas or along drainages.

China Rose 
Rosa chinensis,   Z5 - 3ft. 
Doesn't grow high. Single white, pink or crimson flowers produced in tight clusters. Parent of many 'mini' cutivars. 

Polar Rose 
Rosa acicularis,   Z2  -  3ft. 
Rose to purple pink fragrant single spring blooms, small red rose hips in summer. Extremely cold hardy, most northerly occuring rose growing circumpolar around the planet. 

Prairie Rose 
Rosa arkansana,  Z4  -  1/2ft., 
Low shrub with clusters of deep pink to light red blooms followed by red hips. 

Shrub roses tend to thrive.
On the whole they are vigorous, disease free, long lived 
and produce a wonderful fragrance. 

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